Reading Club

An idea from Ros at @atension2detail

We all know that ADHD brains experience a range of sensory “differences”, for example we may be over-sensitive to some sensations, under sensitive to others and integrate multi-sensory data in unusual ways. There is not a lot of research about how and why ADHD senses are different, and a lot of what is out there medicalises differences and frames them as deficits. 

We all know what our senses are, right? Well, perhaps it is not as easy as that. Philosophers and historians are clear that our sensory worlds and the way that we talk about them change with history and culture. 

This reading group will bring together ADHDers to learn about the main debates in understanding the senses. This joint learning exercise aims to give us a framework for starting to talk about our sensory experiences so that ADHD voices can start to shape discourse about our experiences in the world. 

We’ll start with;


The Senses: Classic and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives. Fiona Macpherson (ed.), The Senses: Classic and Contemporary Philosophical Perspectives, Oxford University Press, 2011 


Introduction: Individuating
the Senses by Fiona Macpherson

This is a chapter that introduces some of the main issues around talking about senses. We’ll choose what material to go forward with together based on what sparks the most interesting conversations. 

Meetings will be every other week on Tuesday at 7.30pm (BST) starting on the 13th of October.