You Don't Know

You don't know guilt until you forget someone passed

You don't know pain until you lose someone whose patience couldn't last

You haven't lost jobs because your impulses can't be halted

You haven't lost friends because your focus was somewhere else

You don't spend most nights unable to sleep

Whilst wondering if you're loved by anyone at all

No one's angry at you for always being late when needed

No one's frustrated at you because time passed without meaning

You've not felt stupid daily

without knowing why you said that

but have you ever tried to make amends by increasing what you spend

You may have been financially broke

But have you been energy broke

Or motivation broke

Or even life broke?

An intrusive thought is something that you can't impede

But have you swerved with intent whilst increasing the speed

You can't walk a mile in my shoes but spend a day inside my head

And you'll find out the difficulties of the life I've lead

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