To My Friend

It does not matter, The distance in contact, Or the time that has been known, In one interaction a bond, We know can be borne. Love does not mean lust, Lust does not mean love, Know that we are not alone, That we have our cover of trust. No ring is needed, No history be shared, It can be made in an hour, But last until our vessels are bare. Be thankful my friend, We were apart in the beginning, But here we stay until the end, Kindred souls whilst the clock keeps ticking. A purity is what is had, When gender does not need a role, A real friend will go to bat, And take no heed of any favour poll. Now we dry our eyes, And stand up straight, Safe in the knowledge, Our affection needs no bait. That feeling we didn't know we lacked That connection we didn't know we missed We know now is ineffable Too sacred to be put back

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