Are We There Yet: Adventures in ADHD

The ADHD-HUB is happy to announce that we will now be hosting a podcast in collaboration with Erik! Erik can be found on TikTok (@heygude). 


He will be interviewing people with ADHD on their varying experiences in gaining success whilst having ADHD whether they believe it is in spite of it or because of it. 

The first episode will be recorded in due course and will be a chat between Erik's new found success on TikTok and the creators of this very hub!

As you can appreciate it will not be a short conversation! We also appreciate that you may not be able to listen to the full podcast therefore Erik will also be recording a short blurb explaining the key highlights and then you can listen to the full one if you want to! 

Call out to all creatives! As we are doing this all as volunteers and we are wanting to get the community involved as much as possible, if you are musical and would like to contribute we are looking for intro, transition and outro music.