10 October, 2020

Miss Eli's Classroom 

New resources in the classroom with Miss Eli! Read more here!

08 October, 2020


What do you get when you put 2 people with ADHD together who love TV? @ADHDnMe and @trundlings have something new for you from the Hub! 
Come find out more here or find us on Twitch here

07 October, 2020

ADHDnD - Neurodiverse Dnd and TTRPG with Evy and George!

At ADHD Hub we love D&D and ttrpgs! So we created a Discord for the neurodiverse to gather. We'd love to get together with all of you to play & to share experiences at the table! Read more here!

06 October, 2020

Book Club


The wonderful @atension2detail has now officially joined us and will be doing a non-fiction book club starting next Tuesday 13th Oct at 7.30pm BST 

To find out more look here.

05 October, 2020

Blog Post - ADHD Can Work For Me! by @ADHDnMe

There are lots of things about ADHD that are not publicly well known, and they are things that tend to make working in an office that little bit more difficult for us... [read]

04 October, 2020


So for #ADHDAwarenessMonth we at the hub have a raffle!! 

These wireless noise cancelling earphones, £5/7USD/6EURO there are 50 tickets and all information is here!

The draw will be done once all tickets have gone!

03 October, 2020

Tea with T

Just FYI @T_withmilk has a format for "Tea with T" that is inclusive regardless of your dietary requirements? 

This is to help people with ADHD have more accountability in regards to eating whilst also learning about other foods that other cultures have daily.
Learn More

02 October, 2020

Blog Post - Who Am I? (poem)

Why is my worth weighed in the voices of others?
Why is my progress measured in the approval of peers? [read]

01 October, 2020

Support Page Launched

To kick off #ADHDAwarenessMonth we are bringing you a new part to the website! At the moment we have the work, the play and the learn.... 
Now we have the Support!
We have partnered with some lovely professionals to help with any support you might need!

Check it out here